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Personnel Tracking Solutions
In today’s world of service, safety and security, proper personnel monitoring is vital to ensuring a successful operation. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to a profitable business. Site safety and security is dependent on how well a company monitors its employees, 3rd parties and customers.
While close range access control mechanisms are a way to secure the entry and exit of people through doors and narrow openings, it is not a measure to monitor their movement and location once they get in an environment such as a large building, yard, or other sizable areas. It also lacks the ability to track multiple people at the same time.
Keeping track of employees is important on many levels:
Employee location tracking in potentially hazardous environments or situations is paramount to ensuring safety and avoiding company liability. Evacuation situations often call for the immediate accounting of personnel to ensure personal safety.
While structure or zone access is typically controlled via close range badge systems through entry ways, once in, the movement of personnel is often unnoticed. In large open environments, the movement of personnel sometimes needs to be administered to prevent unwanted wandering and loitering. Situations that call for the removal of property by personnel may also need to be monitored to ensure the right person is leaving with the right equipment or vehicle.
From retail centers to cruise ships, increasing customer satisfaction through hospitality is the key to a profitable business. Companies need to ensure employees are providing the proper coverage and responding to customer needs before customer satisfaction issues arise.
RFID Employee Tracking Management Solutions – Complete Solution to Tracking Your Employees
RFID employee tracking solutions for personnel monitoring provide visibility to individuals entering and exiting restricted areas, their location within controlled zones, and their location history. The RFID employee tracking management solution for personnel monitoring is a complete package for detecting and tracking employees, third parties, and customers. You can add security for people and assets easily, and set up security zones for automated tracking. The solution can also integrate with existing security systems to alert when unauthorized persons or assets enter the zone and can work with motion detection for full enforcement for persons without an ID.
RFID Personnel Monitoring
People wearing RFID badges will be tracked automatically as they enter and exit large entry ways and as they move within controlled areas. RFID badge readers located at key entry and exit points and at locations within the zone provide instant visibility as individuals enter and leave the area, as well as their location within in a large area. In addition, RFID  badge tags have on-board memory so you can store information about the person such as name, a photograph, biometrics, and where they’ve been, etc.


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